Shaping the future with innovative startups and entrepreneurs

Hospitality and tourism is one of the fastest-changing industries, constantly transforming with the latest technology and consumer trends. That is why EHL's Business Incubator exists: to support promising startups or entrepreneurial projects that relate to tourism, hospitality or food and beverage sectors.  It gathers together people who are passionate about the latest trends and technologies in hospitality or F&B, and gives them a place to bring their ideas to life, in EHL's Innovation Village. 

If you are passionate about the latest trends and technologies in hospitality or F&B, then we invite you to join our Innovation Village model. We have a variety of spaces and resources available for our partners, and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

«The incubator gives us the opportunity to expand our network, find faithful partners, participate to key events and benefit from the support of hospitality professionals. It is a strategic point for us in the success of our startup.»
- Lucien Mauguin, co-founder of PrivateDeal SA.

Our Incubator Model

Our incubator is like a wheel that turns and builds momentum, with the startups and entrepreneurs at the center.

At the heart of the village, the residents, the startups  have access to a wide variety of resources on-site and through EHL's students, faculty.

The visitors, community of the innovation village draw on this entrepreneurial spirit and provide a useful sounding board for the hub's activities. 



  • Illimited access to the Incubator
  • Fixed desk in a coworking space
  • Incorporation of the start-up to EHL
  • 6 hours per month access to the meeting rooms of the incubator
  • Access to the events & networking
  • Liking to the EHL network when necessary ( EHL professors, students, students committee, companies)
  • Access to EHL services (reception, printshop, discounts at restaurants & boutiques)
  • Increase of visibility & communication through our website, posters, newspapers
  • Member of the Community on Slack
  • Access to the common spaces of the incubator (kitchen, sleeping room, ping-pong, baby-foot)
  • Opportunity to apply to the Fit Digital by EHL « Seed» “or Growth” program (if not incorporated to EHL or less than 6 months)

Monthly Fee : CHF 350.- per desk included 2 cards to access the Incubator


  • Access to the incubator 10 days per month during opening hours, from 7.30 am to 10pm.
  • Free seat place in the Visitor co-working Space upon availability
  • 2 hours access to the meeting rooms of the incubator & networking
  • Increase of visibility & communication through our website, posters
  • Member of the Community on Slack
  • Access to EHL services (reception, printshop, discounts at restaurants & boutiques)
  • Access to the events & networking
  • Access to the common spaces of the incubator (kitchen, sleeping room, ping-pong, baby-foot)
  • Opportunity to apply to the Fit Digital by EHL « Grant » program (if not incorporated to EHL or less than 6 months)

Monthly fee: 100.- CHF per person

Community (Members & Alumni)

  • Access to common spaces during office hours
  • Invitations to expositions and events

All Members :

Access to events, SLACK community membership, discounts at EHL outlets and Print shop, incubator card, access to the nap room, logo posted on EHL incubator digital and paper communications supports, Ping-Pong, and the incubator baby foot table.

Followers (Online Followers)

  • Stay up to date on new start-ups and innovation trends
  • Innovation Village news

EHL's Innovation Village offers a hospitality and food ecosystem and the latest trends in hospitality.

It is powered by strategic partners and has two core missions: to support entrepreneurship, and to inspire and disrupt the food & hospitality industry.

Incubator Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs


(Arve Air) DragonBack Innovation is a Swiss/Hong Kong based start-up with its big vision: to give people access to clean and healthy air. With our digital air quality services for hotels we create added values in real time – both for hotel guests and operations. Our Air-as-a-Service approach combines the most advanced technologies such as IoT and Big Data that leads to actionable insights and data-based decision-making.

«As we focus on the Asian hotel industry for market entry, the EHL network is of great value to us. We not only get access to relevant contacts, we also get challenged and gain new industry insights to constantly enhance our air quality services and customer experiences.»

- Kaspar Zimmerli, COO & Co-Founder Arve Air


Between seasonal, homemade, local, organic, sustainable and healthy products, how do you make the best possible choices? 

The Beelong eco-score evaluates food to provide simple information on the environmental impact of food products, in a context where the climate emergency is more than ever topical.

EHL is a cornerstone for tomorrow's hospitality industry and it's therefore a real opportunity for a young company to grow within the incubator. Beelong benefits from EHL’s extensive network and valuable support. We also have the opportunity to implement our indicator in the F&B outlets on-site – we couldn’t be any closer to those impacted by our tool!

- Charlotte de La Baume  & Mathias Faigaux, Managing Partners of Beelong


Blent is data platform that allows hoteliers to have a 360° overview on their business, and produce very easily highly customizable dashboards, reports, and tables for all domains: stays, F&B, accounting, SPA, IoT, etc.

And with our digital assistant you have now direct access to your data, anywhere, anytime. Whether you manage one or hundreds of hotels, Blent will consolidate your data independently of the technologies behind, and you can now group or benchmark your properties very easily.

- Christopher Meignier – CEO

FreelaneFreelane is creating new digital product that will change how we travel! It optimizes the traveler's schedule in real time, by anticipating solutions to barriers, re-sequencing routes and providing bespoke adjustments, so he/she can decide on the best personalized solutions fitting with the travel diary priorities.

Freelane also identifies bespoke opportunities for hassle-free, efficient and enjoyable travel, door-to-destination. For each traveler.

Freelane is a B2C and B2B solution, available as an app and API.


JHA is a dynamic startup developed by a duo of École hôtelière de Lausanne students. Its purpose is to enrich the hospitality industry by providing a set of new ideas and perspectives.
We focus on delivering insights to modernize small/medium enterprises, hotels and restaurants both in Swiss Romandy and Ticino.
As agents we work to offer enhanced marketing strategies, talent management, optimization of existing service operations and more.

For more information you can reach us by email


Mixfit is a digital health company that designs nutritional experiences to encourage lasting, positive changes in health behavior.

Their belief that the path towards a better, healthier, and longer life starts with nutrition drives everything they do.

They leverage nutrition science, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and digital health technologies in developing their health data platform and smart counter-top nutrient delivery appliance to provide consumers with personalized nutritional drinks & deliver wellness-related insight based on their unique health data.


NewCo is an online service that allows founders to start their own business in minutes.

Our goal is to help new entrepreneurs to start and then manage the legal and administrative formalities of their startup by developing simple and intuitive solutions.


It feels like plastic and looks like plastic. There is just one difference: it’s made from plants and it's fully compostable.

One StepUp stands for a plastic-free world! We provide compostable packaging that returns back to the earth after use. All you need to do is throw it into your compost!

One StepUp’s packaging is just as transparent, durable and impermeable as conventional plastic packaging.

Together let’s step into a more sustainable world!


OriginFood offer their clients customized track & trace solutions, combining the Internet of Things and blockchain technology.

Founded in 2018 by Pierre-Alain Ceralli and Peter Gustavsson, both with extensive experience from the food and beverage industry, OriginFood focuses on helping clients fully leverage the new opportunities offered by blockchain technology to answer to the growing needs of the food industry for improved and immutable traceability and proof of origin throughout the entire supply chain and to the end consumer.

PrivateDeal developed the first smart negotiation solution designed to increase direct bookings on hotels’ websites. This unique engine lets guests offer their own price for a room and, if necessary, automatically and instantly negotiates with them the best price for both parties. PrivateDeal helps hotels driving a higher conversion rate by capturing more guests in direct thanks to a highly customer-centric approach.

“The incubator gives us the opportunity to expand our network, find faithful partners, participate to key events and benefit from the support of hospitality professionals. It is a strategic point for us in the success of our startup.” 

- Lucien Mauguin, co-founder of PrivateDeal SA.


“Reservaurant (reservation x restaurant) is a reservation management platform intended for restaurants and associated with a mobile application making it possible to reserve a table at any time and with certainty. »

Didier Bonny


S1NGULAR1TY focuses both on the skills of our experts and their ability to creatively transform problematic and complex managerial situations through collective action rich in value-creating opportunities. Our approach is mainly focused on the human experience and the interactions of the enterprise system.

Our consulting strategy is based on the complementarity of relevant professions and the interdisciplinary expertise. As a consulting company, the philosophy of S1NGULAR1TY is to focus on the actors who are permanently in concrete and problematic situations in order to make these situations intelligible on the one hand and also to transform these situations into opportunities.


smartTONi is an operation management system for professional catering kitchens. It allows untrained cooks to be productive in catering kitchens.

A personal digital device advices kitchen staff step-by-step on the tasks to be done. This allows constantly high food quality at lower labor cost.

- Lorenz Bertschi CEO & Georgi Antonov – CCO

Smeetz SA HR logo

Smeetz is the world’s first software platform for leisure organizers, using data analytics and AI-powered dynamic pricing to improve sales and market reach.


What is Typsy? Hospitality skills suitable for any role led by world-class instructors.

  • It's a library of video courses from the world's best hospitality instructors.
  • It's an online learning platform built to make learning fast, fun and on-the-go.
  • It's a way to continuously learn new skills and connect with like-minded community members.