Outsource your R&D Activities

In keeping with EHL’s tradition of putting management into practice, we partner with key players in complementary fields to advance the knowledge and practice of hospitality and service management. Sponsoring an institute for in-depth studies gives you access to dedicated multi-disciplinary teams of faculty and staff to deliver the solutions in a collaborative manner.
Each research institute operates under the direction of EHL’s academic body and hosts sponsored lab(s) whose mission is to conduct specific applied research projects.

Hospitality Real Estate & Finance Institute

The Hospitality Real Estate & Finance institute promotes research, education, and networking for hospitality real estate and finance.

It conducts research on hospitality real estate as an investment and asset class and disseminates findings through academic publications, industry conferences and education outreach. The Institute also hosts networking initiatives to facilitate exchanges between academics, students, alumni, and professionals.


Institute of Business Creativity

Launched in 2018, the Institute of Business Creativity builds bridges between the business and academic worlds to produce relevant, highly impactful, practice-based research and solutions. 
It offers a wide spectrum of services, including dedicated research labs with international firms active in hospitality, food and beverage or hotel management. The team also provides tailor-made executive workshops and case studies to enhance business development.

Institute of Customer Experience Management

The Institute of Customer Experience Management (ICEM) was launched at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in September 2020 with the vision of becoming the leading customer experience research institute in the field of hospitality and service.

ICEM works at the intersection of customer experience management and digital media within the extended hospitality and service industries.


Our Hospitality Business Incubator

EHL's Hospitality Business Incubator supports promising startups and entrepreneurial projects that focus on or are relevant to the food and, or hospitality industry.

Discover how EHL enables the latest trends and technologies in our Innovation Village model with a variety of spaces and resources for industry partners.