President of the Board of Directors
President of the EHL Board of Governors.

Dr. Ackermann has long-standing experience in different boards. Currently, she is a board member of Allianz Switzerland, BKW, BNP Paribas Switzerland, BVZ Holding, and the Bern-based innovation agency be-advanced.

Her pedagogical experience was established in 1993 when she obtained a Master in Business Administration, followed shortly after by a PhD in Business Administration, graduating in 1996. She is now a senior member of the faculty of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, where she was once a student.
Furthermore, she has over twenty years of management experience on the executive board of SMEs and large corporations. With the title of CEO of the private investment company Diamondscull AG also under her belt, she invests in young companies in the ICT and technology sectors.
Her area of expertise is innovation, having collected many titles and accolades in this field over the course of her career.