Shaping the Future with Ingenious Ideas

EHL Group strives to be a helpful, authentic source of knowledge and inspiration for people in the fields of hospitality, the service industries and education. Thought leadership is a part of our DNA as a Swiss University of Applied Sciences.

We invite you - hospitality professionals, academics and industry experts - to tap into our resources and join us in shaping the future with leading-edge hospitality business acumen, research and solutions. 


Research & Development

As a University of Applied Sciences, EHL seeks to promote and diffuse research that is applicable for the industry and/or academics.

We integrate this objective into every area of our activities by teaching students how to conduct applied research, supporting faculty members' research activities, and offering research and development services and resources to industry partners.

Sponsored Research

Opportunities for sponsored research at EHL range from dedicated applied research projects by select faculty members, to sponsorship of a long-term research institute. For applied research projects, our faculty members conduct hospitality research in managerial disciplines, alone or in teams, to tackle issues that benefit the industry and contribute to education.  

Our sponsored research institutes assemble multi-disciplinary teams from the academic and industry sectors to deliver in-depth studies that provide valuable knowledge and recommendations for the development of your business. 

Access to expert Faculty

Tap into the vast experience and expertise of our faculty to support your projects and talent development needs. EHL faculty members are among the best in their respective fields, with PhDs from top universities, strong industry relations and experience, and they are regularly recognized with awards and honors from external institutions. We can organize panel and round-table discussions, workshops, class sessions or think tanks to give you access to faculty and industry specialists in your area of need.

Innovation Resources

EHL's Innovation Hub is at the forefront of fostering sustainable innovation and impact entrepreneurship within the dynamic areas of travel, hospitality and tourism, Edtech, Foodtech, Agritech, and PropTech.

Our commitment extends to our students and alumni and external startups and founders, creating a dynamic ecosystem where the seeds of innovation can thrive.


Women in Leadership Initiative

This initiative promotes leadership practices that foster diverse, balanced, and people-focused work environments, to enable women to lead more fulfilled professional and personal lives.

It aspires to mobilize the untapped female leadership potential across the world for a positive impact in organizations and society, and to empowered women to achieve their full potential.


EHL Alliance

EHL Alliance is a Global Business Network and a platform where leading academic and industry players can exchange resources, advice and support to implement the latest trends and innovation in today's global business.

EHL Insights Blog

The EHL blog is a central source of applicable insights and fresh opinions for the world of hospitality, business and education.

In addition to sharing articles on the latest trends, the blog curates research findings, editorial content, expert recommendations, and fun, informative content for our diverse audiences.