At EHL, we offer a wide variety of services and resources to our network of industry partners in education and the hospitality industry. We welcome collaborative opportunities for companies and organizations to become actively engaged with the deep pool of talent that EHL has to offer through its existing students and faculty, as well as with its vast external network.

Leverage our Expertise

We offer the vast experience and expertise of our faculty to support your projects and talent development needs.  We organize collaborative activities to give you access to our students, faculty and industry specialists in a format adapted to your project:

  • Panel and Round-table discussions with faculty members
  • Company Workshops on industry themes
  • Class sessions or think tanks with students

Our Industry Partners

The following partners collaborate regularly with EHL on research and development, talent development, thought leadership and innovation projects. 

  • Private_deals
  • France24
  • Montreux_Jazz
  • png-clipart-preferred-hotels-resorts-preferred-residences-preferred-hospitality-group-preferential-travel-text-logo-thumbnail
  • Starhotels