EHL Foundation's status as a non-profit foundation allows us to reinvest all profits to further enhance the quality of our students' education. This structure supports the development of a variety of products and offerings in both Swiss and international markets. It enables students, faculty and administrative personnel to evolve in an environment that is in line with the hospitality industry's expectations.

Most importantly, being a not-for-profit company facilitates our work in developing academic programs and resources, thereby reinforcing our status as the world's leader in higher education in Hospitality Management.

Board of Governors of the EHL Foundation

EHL Foundation is the sole owner of EHL Holding SA, and its Board of Governors defines the EHL vision and founding values.

The historic organization of EHL as a Foundation ensures that the primary focus remains the development of high-quality education for our students.

Dr. Carole Ackermann is President of the Board of Governors.


Dr. Carole Ackermann

Leadership & Executive Committee

The CEO, along with the Executive Committee, implements the strategy defined by the Board of Directors within all EHL Holding SA business units.  Prof. Michel Rochat is CEO of EHL Group.
All of EHL Holding SA's entities have their own Boards of Directors and Management teams.

Prof. Michel Rochat

EHL Advisory Boards

The International Advisory Board is composed of international hotel, education and hospitality leaders who provide EHL with important industry insights.

Emanuel Berger is President of the International Advisory Board.

EHL Campus (Singapore) and EHL Campus Passugg also have their dedicated advisory boards


Emmanuel Berger

Academic Governance

The mission of the deanship is to ensure that education at EHL is progressive and of the finest quality.

Through this mission, our objectives are to support the quality of our programs, foster research, and encourage innovative and efficient teaching methods. Embracing the pioneering spirit of EHL, we will continue to develop new programs that meet the industry needs and reinforce our position as a leading academic institution.

Dr Inès Blal is Executive Dean.


Dr. Inès Blal

Group Structure


EHL Education Group

EHL Education Group, or E.H.L. Holding SA, defines and implements the strategy for the group, enabling EHL to create and develop a rationalized, coherent portfolio of specialized activities, both in Switzerland and abroad.

The units are organized into three main fields: hospitality management education, which remains the core mission of EHL, international activities and the campuses.

EHL Haute Ecole (HES-SO)

EHL Haute Ecole (HES-SO) delivers university-level education corresponding to the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences & Arts (HES), leading to state-approved undergraduate (Bachelor) degrees and post-graduate (Master) degrees.

EHL Academia

EHL Academia delivers higher vocational studies that prepare students for entry into higher education courses in hospitality and service management, amongst others.

EHL Hospitality Services

EHL Hospitality Services designs, produces and commercializes products and services relating to the hotel industry, such as F&B, the organization of banquets and events, as well as maintenance and reception services.

EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality

EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality delivers both initial vocational education and advanced professional education for the tourism and hotel industries.

EHL Real Estate

EHL Real Estate encompasses activities relating to the acquisition, renovation and management of real estate and is involved in the development of the new EHL campuses.

EHL Advisory Services

EHL Advisory Services offers executive education and consulting related to hospitality and other service sectors that rely on important human resources.  It also offers hospitality learning center development & consulting services, school certification, and vocational education licensing (VET)