Services & Resources for Organizations

The EHL Group offers access to a vast pool of resources and expertise through different departments in our organization. Each branch has its specialty services, and they are available in customizable formats to suit the needs of our clients and partners worldwide.

The EHL Pool of Expertise


100+ Industry Experts

Our consultants are seasoned professionals and academics who take a wider vision of global best practice and tailor it to specific markets for a strategy that suits the business and location.


200+ Faculty Members

Our faculty members have strong credentials and backgrounds in education and business, and their hospitality DNA puts the student experience center stage.


30,000 Alumni in 150 countries

Graduates of EHL form a unique alumni community of industry leaders and entrepreneurs, keeping EHL close to the latest trends and needs of the industry.


3,000 Students of 120 Nationalities

Our students are of exceptional quality and they come from many backgrounds and cultures to provide fresh insights and innovative solutions for the industry.


Hospitality Consulting and Training

Hospitality Consulting

Our subject-experts prepare hospitality businesses for the future of the industry with bespoke services that analyze performance, identify smart investments and implement customer-centric development strategies.

Service Excellence & Hospitality Training 

Our consultants instil Swiss hospitality excellence and service culture into teams and organizations through bespoke training programs that address the specific needs of your organization, such as developing qualified trainers and service training programs for individuals and teams.

Partnerships & Resources

EHL Group prides itself on maintaining and continually expanding a global network of partnerships with key strategic players in education and the industry. Our collaborative opportunities for industry partners include services related to:

  • Sponsored research
  • Innovation solutions
  • Events & speaking opportunities
  • Other tailored services depending on business needs

Discover how you can elevate your presence in the hospitality industry through EHL. 


Student Consulting Projects

EHL offers a variety of ways to collaborate with students that will give you access to a large and unique audience of international hospitality students, faculty and graduate professionals.

From student consulting mandates, to product pitch reviews and sounding boards, our students and faculty can provide expertise for your projects, increase your visibility in the market and serve as a flexible, ongoing resource. 


Global Industry Alliance

EHL Alliance is a global hospitality network for leading academic and industry players.

It allows members to exchange resources, advice and support for implementing the latest trends and innovation in the global hospitality industry.

Members benefit from preferential rates on a variety of EHL services and products. 

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