Come Invent the Future of Hospitality

EHL Group is widely recognized by the industry and our schools consistently rank among the top hospitality business schools in the world. Join our global community of students, alumni, faculty, staff and industry professionals as we invent the future of hospitality with premium education, innovation and research.

  • Three Campuses, an Innovation Park
  • 3,318 Enrolled Students, 116 Student Nationalities
  • 389 Staff, plus 155 Faculty Members
  • Faculty PhD: 46%

Work with the Best for a Better World

In the EHL Group, our strong values and innovative vision get us working together for a greater purpose: the elevation of hospitality excellence worldwide. 

Our organizational status as a foundation facilitates our work in developing academic programs and resources that meet the needs of students and the industry, thereby contributing indirectly to the growth of sustainable, responsible tourism and hospitality operations, creating positive social and economic growth.

These qualities make EHL an attractive employer for the best talent in the industry; whether it’s hospitality, education or technology, our unique model attract highly motivated professionals, faculty and industry leaders, who work together for a better future.

Why Work at EHL?

We're a Family


 At EHL, you will feel at home from day one. We have a strong sense of community and we embrace the diversity, strengths and viewpoints of our highly skilled and dedicated people.

Steady Growth


EHL is charting steady, strategic growth across our four entities (three campuses and the Advisory Services branch) and we are structuring this growth to provide excellent career progression opportunities and professional development to our collaborators.



We’ll go anywhere to find highly qualified professionals with excellent attention of detail, drive & cultural savvy, and we encourage faculty members to be active in the industry and research.

First-Class Benefits

EHL offers a great working environment with modern facilities and office spaces. We offer excellent conditions for holidays, employee meals and professional development.

Excellent Locations


Switzerland and Singapore frequently appear among the top ranking countries for quality of life, plus they both harbor a strong innovation and sustainability culture, and they offer safe, healthy environments for people of all ages. 

The Best at What We Do


Our institutions consistently rank among the best in the world and our employment culture has been recognized as being one of the best. In 2019, our EHL's Lausanne campus won the award for "Best Employer" in the Education category for French-Speaking Switzerland.

EHL Best Employer

For the second consecutive year, EHL wins the title of "Best Employer" in French-speaking Switzerland in the Education category in the annual ranking of the magazine Bilan.
September 2020

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