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Immerse yourself in the best Hospitality Business School

Welcome to EHL Hospitality Business School, an international reference in the world of hospitality. Allow us to provide you with a premium service experience. Contact us now to organize your next event at EHL Hospitality Business School.


EHL Lausanne Campus

Located on the heights of Lausanne in Switzerland, this campus features numerous meeting rooms and the necessary infrastructure to host your large-scale events. You can easily access it via public transportation and the highway. Plenty of parking spaces are available. The campus is situated near a wide range of hotels and we offer on-site accommodation solutions.

Once here, allow yourself to be impressed by the dynamic atmosphere and the school's contemporary premises. Don't miss out on the opportunity to savor some of the finest cuisine in Lausanne, as well as gourmet pastries prepared by the students and the teams of EHL.


EHL Passugg Campus

Located near Chur, in one of the most popular tourist regions of the Swiss Alps, this campus offers a warm and peaceful setting for small to medium-sized events. Modernity and tradition blend in this school with historic architecture, where you can savor Asian dishes and regional specialties with contemporary flavors.

You are sure to appreciate the mountainous landscapes and the purity of the air. Allow yourself to be pampered by our students, who pay special attention to the customer experience and various artistic expressions of hospitality, a unique feature of this campus.


Immerse yourself in an environment dedicated to implementing the best hospitality practices by choosing EHL for your next event. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for the organization of your event.