EHL Innovation Hub

EHL's Innovation Hub is at the forefront of fostering sustainable innovation and impact entrepreneurship within the dynamic areas of travel, hospitality and tourism, Edtech, Foodtech, Agritech, and PropTech. Our commitment extends to our students and alumni and external startups and founders, creating a dynamic ecosystem where the seeds of innovation can thrive.


Research at EHL

Applied Research: Faculty members conduct applied hospitality research in a variety of managerial disciplines. Researchers tackle applied research questions for the benefit of the industry while simultaneously contributing to excellence in hospitality research.

Research Institutes : Our institutes give access to dedicated multi-disciplinary teams of faculty and staff to deliver solutions in a collaborative manner. 

Innovation on Every Campus

EHL Campus

Lausanne's Campus of the Future

The new Lausanne campus features the latest technologies and the programs  integrate innovation into the learning experience with activities such as R&D workshops, product prototype testing, and a chance for students to intern in their own start-up. 


Passugg's Multisensory Restaurant

The Elysium is both a training restaurant and a digital classroom in Campus Passugg where students experience first-hand how exclusive gourmet cuisine can be combined with the latest digital effects to create a unique experience.


Singapore's High-tech Culture

Singapore is the world's leading technology innovation hub, according to KPMG's annual survey of global technology leaders for 2020. EHL students benefit from total immersion in this tech-minded culture where they will see the latest trends put into action.