EHL is an invaluable source of talent for your intern and employee positions. Graduates of our bachelor, master or certificate programs bring both rigorous academic preparation and practical experience to apply to the most challenging issues facing your organization.

Additionally, EHL’s vast alumni network also provides a deeply experienced talent pool, from which you can find candidates suitable for more experienced roles in your organization.

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Career Fairs

Join our employment event to meet, interview and recruit the right people, from over 1,400 students in hospitality management who are looking for an internship or a job. This is the ideal way to increase your visibility and raise your profile in just one day.

Seven Reasons to Hire Our Students

Our students represent over 120 different nationalities. Most of them grew up in international environments.
They are more adaptable and better able to deal with a large variety of viewpoints. 84% of EHL students speak 3 or more languages.
Most of our students have traveled extensively and attended international schools. Even before EHL, they have built a wide and diverse personal network.
Thanks to their hospitality education and experience they are able to understand their clients’ needs and build trust.
EHL students are educated to be strict about their physical appearance and style. They are often "on-stage", delivering presentations to large audiences or handling VIP clients.
As a result, they impress with their strong personal presence, well-spoken and confident.
Students must juggle group work and personal projects during their studies, which prepares them to be organized and good multitaskers.
They understand that business and personal success is built on serving others and are therefore generous with their time, knowledge, and resources.
Even the majority of first-year students have work experience in the hospitality industry. They know that going home only happens when everybody is done.
They are not afraid of pitching in a bit extra to make the project perfect because they know how important teamwork is to the success of the group.
At EHL, courses range from digital marketing to finance to real estate management, with many case studies and real life applications, which give students strong analytical skills, without getting bogged down in too much theory.
If being eager to learn is a requirement to join EHL, students' passion for hospitality goes beyond the classroom. Most invest some of their free time in charity activities, in organizing events or in planning their future hospitality start-up.

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We offer two internship periods a year. These allow our students to immerse themselves in hospitality and truly put their classroom learning into practice.

You can post your internship opportunities on our job platform, or attend one of our career fairs on the Lausanne campus.

Preparatory Year Internships

The aim of the Preparatory Year internship is to offer, in addition to classes on the campus, training in a company enabling the student to meet the admission criteria of the HES-SO hospitality industry Bachelor's degree cycle, in accordance with Art. 5 paragraph 1 letter b of the Federal law on universities of applied sciences (LHES - 414.71).

Due to its nature, this internship must be completed in an operational department of the hotel/food service sectors.

The internship must be completed in one single industry. Rotation between several departments is authorized.

Internship Dates

24-week Operational internships (Preparatory Year students) 

Positions such as Kitchen, Service, Housekeeping, Reception, etc.

  • Summer: between 25 July 2022 and 23 January 2023 (24-week internship minimum)
  • Winter: between 20 February and 25 August 2023 (24-week internship minimum)

Internship Documents

Bachelor Internships

The aim of the bachelor internship is to offer, in addition to the academic courses, a training experience in a company in order to help compare the theoretical acquisitions with the reality of the service industry and to prepare for the work market.

Due to its nature, this internship must be accomplished in an administrative department. The student is at liberty to choose the industry.

The internship must be completed in one single company. Rotation between departments is authorized.

Remote Administrative internships are possible. Same conditions apply as for onsite ones.

Internship Dates

Administrative internships (Bachelor students in their 4th semester) 

Positions such as Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Revenue Management etc. :

  • Summer: between 27 June 2022 and 13 January 2023 (24-week internship minimum)
  • Winter: between 30 January and 25 August 2023 (24-week internship minimum)

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Graduate School Programs

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