Shaping the future of hospitality together

The EHL Group brings together the leaders of academia and industry practice to provide a broad range of programs and services through four distinct entities.

  • For students of all ages: Our three school campuses offer a unique range of programs and specialized activities in service to the industry.
  • For corporate clients: EHL Advisory Services offers tailor-made consulting services and trainings to augment organizational excellence.
  • For education partners: EHL Advisory Services transmits EHL's unique education model and quality assurance through certification and VET programs.
  • For industry partners: Our transversal initiatives, such as research, innovation and industry partnerships, draw on the expertise and resources of several entities and teams, to act as a sandbox for new concepts and a support for business development and collaboration.

Our vision is to be the premier, worldwide reference in hospitality education, business and innovation.

Our Strategy

We are constantly driving the industry forward preparing the future leaders and creating new education models and innovative programs. We are committed to extending and elevating our activities over the next ten years, following these axis for development. 



#1: A Life-long learning partner

We are broadening our academic portfolio to accompany students in every phase of life and career, including vocational studies, short courses, undergraduate degrees, graduate school, and online courses for executives.


#2: International expansion

EHL’s new campus in Singapore delivers the Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management and offers semester exchange options to give our students a global business perspective and big-city life experience in a leading hub of innovation and sustainability culture.


#3: Benchmark campus

Developing our campuses to offer ideal learning environments and using the most energy efficient technologies in our facilities. We are building smart working spaces with sensorial and integrated approach for a campus where people gather and circulate ergonomically


#4: Innovation village

Refurbishing a real hamlet to welcome food labs, startups, co-working spaces, events and research institutes, we unite faculty, industry leaders, clients and students to develop entrepreneurial skills, proof-test concepts, gather insights, and apply research to real business challenges.


#5: Contributing beyond education

Embedding an environmentally and socially sustainable ethos in all that we do – academics, research, campuses, operations – so our actions positively impact the greater community.


Our Ambition

Our ambition is to create a global network of excellence in education and business that will shape the future of the industry and the world.

We believe that by elevating the level of hospitality education worldwide we contribute to the sustainable success of our industry and indirectly create a positive social impact by setting in motion a positive, continual feedback cycle between education, industry and community. 

Our Values

As an ambassador of the Swiss hospitality tradition, EHL draws on the essence of "hospitality know-how", blending it with the latest management education tools and techniques. Our aim is develop future leaders who are equally knowledgeable about the past and focused on the future.

Today, five steadfast values inspire our daily activities. These values fit harmoniously with the codes of hospitality - they stand out as EHL's timeless character, linking all generations of past and future graduates.



Behavior: We continuously strive.
Statement: We lead the pack.


Behavior: We stand united.
Statement: So much more than a secret handshake.


Behavior: We capitalize on diversity
Statement: We see differences as superpowers.



Behavior: We are ever-curious.
Statement: Because you'll never know it all.



Behavior: We are change agents.
Statement: We drive change with resilience.