A History of Giving Back at EHL

From humble beginnings, Jacques Tschumi started EHL as a pioneer in customer experience excellence. Servant leadership was part of the DNA in 1893 and it persists to this day. Many examples throughout the past 130 years highlight the culture of giving back at EHL but maybe none exemplify this ethos more than the extraordinary contribution from the alumni association in the 1940s. In 1942, emerging from the darkness of the Second World War, and at the direction of then president Hermann Schmid, alumni donated nearly 2.7 Million CHF (adjusted using the Swiss wage equivalent), to allow the school to open its doors again and continue delivering on the mission of educating the leaders of the future. This fundraising campaign exemplifies the determination and the giving spirit of our EHL community, past and present.

Today, your support allows us to honor this legacy by facilitating access to the exceptional EHL educational community.


(Photo: Alumni Association, undated)

The Legacy Continues: Donor Impact in 2022


1.7 Million

CHF for research



Students receiving financial support



CHF from internal support, e.g. students, staff, faculty


Global Impact

Consistent with our international student body, the global reach of our scholarship program has created access for students from all over the world to study at EHL.


Support Student Access

We help talented students who need financial aid to pursue their dreams of a hospitality education, which empowers them for future personal and professional success.

Donations to our scholarship and loan foundation help support equal-opportunity access to higher education and give deserving students a chance to access international career opportunities or give back to their communities with valuable skill sets and knowledge.

Empower Growth through Generosity

We thank you for your willingness to support excellence at EHL and please know that your contribution makes a difference, thank you.  

Your tax-deductible gift will help us create access to the amazing experience that is an EHL education, to deserving and passionate students that otherwise would not be able to study at EHL.  

In order to honor the group of alumni that graciously gave back to the school and create access to education, we ask you to make a donation that highlights the significance of that year e.g. 19.42, 194.20, 1942, etc.

All donations support future students and all donations, of any amount, matter. Thank you for having a positive impact on the direction of EHL! 

We are really grateful for your help.  

Impact in Action!