Education is all about imparting knowledge, nurturing growth, and transforming lives, and those fundamental principles haven’t changed. Yet, new AI technology, hybrid classrooms, online delivery methods, and student expectations are rapidly changing everything else in the world of education. 

In this context, today’s teachers, lecturers, and administrators need to master the latest tools and upskill frequently to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. To help education professionals stay up to date and develop in-demand skills, EHL Education Consulting offers faculty development programs, tailor-made training, and peer-learning mentorship solutions.

Benefits of Working with the EHL Group

Working with EHL Education Consulting brings the vast resources and knowledge of the EHL Group to support your teaching and administrative staff


Top Ranking University

EHL Hospitality Business School is #1 Worldwide (2019 - 2024) QS World University Rankings In Hospitality & Leisure Management


International Accreditation

HES-SO, University of Applied Science (UAS) in Switzerland 
NECHE, the New England Commission of Higher Education of the USA.


Learning Excellence

EHL’s holistic educational approach blends professional knowledge and expertise with soft skills, and empathy, earning it the best reputation for academic quality and graduate employability.

EHL Insights & Research for Education

EHL’s academic and industry experts are constantly researching and sharing insights and data that help industry partners understand the latest in education, employment, and business trends. 

We invite you to visit our resources page for access to case studies, tool kits, industry facts, and articles relating to a range of hot topics such as integrating AI into educational programs, flexible hybrid learning options, and the best ways to build essential soft skills and STEM competencies that future jobs will require.

Faculty Development & Training Solutions by EHL Education Consulting Services

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Faculty Development - Qualified Learning Facilitator (QLF) Program

Our academic training experts deliver this program (onsite or online) to bring teachers and trainers up to speed on the latest student-centered teaching methods and give them the mindset and competencies for the modern learning environment.


Bespoke Training & Faculty Mentoring

Our expert consultants design and deliver tailor-made professional development courses and workshops for faculty members and administrators, and they facilitate faculty peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities.


EHL Group offers access to a vast pool of resources and expertise.

We help build successful hospitality institutions and programs around the world.