Based on 125 years of experience and industry feedback, we have developed inspirational and innovative university-level programs that produce top-notch managers for the international hospitality industry and for other business sectors where an excellent customer experience is the key to success. 

Increasing the Quality & Availability of Hospitality Education Worldwide

We are building a comprehensive portfolio of hospitality programs and growing our global network of excellence to elevate the quality and availability of hospitality management education worldwide.

Our ambitious goal is to extend the reach of EHL-quality hospitality education to 1 million individuals over the next ten years through our EHL campuses in Switzerland and Singapore, our network of EHL Certified Schools, and the licensing of Swiss Vocational Education & Training Programs.

Thereby, we are contributing directly to the sustainable success of our industry and indirectly having a positive impact on the social and economic conditions worldwide.

Our Campuses

Our Swiss campuses are located in stunning natural settings: In the hills above Lausanne overlooking Lake Geneva, and in Chur-Passugg, the heart of the Graubünden region, in the Swiss Alps.  Our newest EHL campus is located in Singapore.  EHL also has academic partners and a network of certified schools providing our students with a host of study locations worldwide.


EHL Campus Lausanne

Our Lausanne campus offers the best features of a Swiss hospitality school in a sophisticated business university environment. 


EHL Campus (Singapore)

EHL Campus (Singapore) is EHL’s newest campus.  It is located near the Botanical Gardens in an upscale part of Singapore, in lush natural surroundings.


EHL Campus Passugg

Our Passugg campus is located in a former Belle Epoque hotel in Switzerland's top tourism region with the biggest number of 4* and 5* hotels in the country.


EHL Education Group offers a wide range of hospitality management courses
with three campuses on two continents.

Each school has its own unique offer of programs, services, and specialized activities
in relation to the industry.

The Pillars of Hospitality education at EHL

The pillars of hospitality education at EHL include experiential education, a social learning context, leadership, and an awareness and appreciation for lifelong learning.

  • Experiential Education - Learning from experience involves being open to new situations and perspectives, integrating these ideas, and being able to experiment in real-world situations
  • A Social Learning Context - Learning is a social process and to be successful at EHL and in the business world, students learn to work together throughout their studies.
  • Leadership - EHL students learn to become leaders, not just managers. Leadership involves influencing others to achieve a common goal.
  • An Awareness of and Appreciation for Lifelong Learning - An EHL education provides students with an awareness that learning is a lifelong process. EHL graduates obtain the skills and drive necessary to continue to learn long after they leave our campus.

Innovation on Campus

We offer the most advanced technologies and premium infrastructures, such as the Innovation Village on Campus Lausanne, to connect students with industry partners and generate ideas, promote exchanges and enable personal achievements.

Exceptional Students

With over 120 nationalities on Campus Lausanne, EHL's students are exposed to ways of thinking and working from all around the world. so we are not only training future managers, but creating a smart community of responsible leaders who will thrive in any human environment.


Dual Excellence

EHL takes a dual approach to developing personal and professional excellence, which combines the Swiss values of academic rigor and industry practice with creativity and innovation.  This approach develops the soft skills that employers prize most and the technical business know-how to effectively manage operations from day one

Our Awards & Rankings

EHL is the world’s leading university of hospitality management with multiple top rankings and awards for outstanding excellence in hospitality and leisure studies, culinary arts and business education.

  • Number 1 University for Hospitality & Leisure Studies Worldwide (QS Rankings, CEO World Magazine, 2019 to 2023)
  • Number 5 Business and Management Schools in Switzerland (QS Rankings, 2021 to 2023)
  • One Michelin Star for EHL’s student training restaurant (2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022)

Our Accreditations

  • HES-SO member, University of Applied Sciences and Arts (UAS), recognized by the Swiss Federal Government
  • Accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), USA