President of the Board of Directors
President of the EHL Board of Trustees

Dr. Ackermann has a long-standing experience in different boards in addition to her position as Chairwoman of the Board at EHL Group. She is a board member of Allianz Suisse, BKW, BNP Paribas in Switzerland, BVZ Holding, and the Bern-based innovation agency “be-advanced.” In these roles she inspires a long term vision, encouraging teams to think, plan and make decisions beyond annual results.
Carole’s expertise is rooted in a strong academic background with a Master in Business Administration (1993) and a PhD in Marketing (1996). She is now a senior member of faculty at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland where she was once a student. Maintaining this direct connection with students fuels her creative thinking and continued passion for innovation.
With over 20 years of management experience on the executive board of SMEs and international corporations, she is also a passionate entrepreneur as CEO and Co-Founder of the private investment company for tech start-ups Diamondscull AG. Actively engaged in the development of young people, and in particular female entrepreneurs, she is part of a number of networks supporting the Swiss innovation ecosystem and currently serves as Co-Chairman of Female Innovation.
A sports enthusiast, in particular rowing and offshore sailing, Carole lives by her motto to strive for the best, even in the toughest conditions. This has been the key driver of her success across the academic, investment and entrepreneurial sectors. She is passionate about leading sustainable change, prioritizing environmental and social responsibility in business.