EHL Group

Executive Leadership Team

The CEO, along with the Leadership Team, implements the strategy approved by the Board of Directors within all EHL Holding SA business units.


Executive Leadership Team as of 1 November 2022:

  • Prof. Markus Venzin, CEO of EHL Group
  • Dr. Inès Blal, Undergraduate School
  • Ms. Meloney Brazzola, Corporate Communications
  • Ms. Noémie Danthine, Sustainable Hospitality Services
  • Mr. Tony Morales, Administration, Finance and Controlling
  • Mr. Patrick Ogheard, Hospitality Operations School
  • Dr. Juan F. Perellon, Academic Office
  • Dr. Achim Schmitt, Graduate School
  • Mr. Rémi Walbaum, Growth Office


Executive Committee Members until 31 October 2022:

  • Prof. Michel Rochat, CEO of EHL Group until 31 August 2022
  • Prof. Markus Venzin, CEO of EHL Group as of 1 September 2022
  • Mr. Maxime Medina, Chief Operating Officer & Deputy CEO
  • Mr. Pascal Gauthier, Chief Culture and Marketing Officer
  • Mr. Tony Morales, Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Juan F. Perellon, Chief Academic Officer
  • Mr. Olivier Roux, Chief Business Development Officer & Senior Managing Director, EHL Advisory Services
  • Mr. Rémi Walbaum, Chief Innovation Officer  

Prof. Markus Venzin