EHL Group

Executive Committee

The CEO, along with the members of the Executive Committee, implements the strategy defined by the Board of Directors within all EHL Holding SA business units.


  • Prof. Michel Rochat, CEO 
  • Maxime Medina, Chief Operating Officer & Deputy CEO  
  • Pascal Gauthier, Chief Culture and Marketing Officer
  • Tony Morales, Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr Juan F. Perellon, Chief Academic Officer
  • Olivier Roux, Chief Business Development Officer & Senior Managing Director, EHL Advisory Services
  • Rémi Walbaum, Chief Innovation Officer  

Prof. Michel Rochat

EHL Haute Ecole SA (EHL Campus Lausanne)

Board of Directors

  • Prof. Michel Rochat, CEO
  • Tony Morales, Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr Juan F. Perellon, Chief Academic Officer

EHL Haute Ecole SA Managing Director

Inès Blal is Managing Director


Inès Blal

SSTH Passugg AG (EHL Campus Passugg)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors headed by Prof. Michel Rochat is responsible for the strategic development of SSTH in Passugg. It is actively involved in advancing SSTH and its educational offerings. The Board of Directors of SSTH consists of the following members:

  • Prof. Michel Rochat, Chairman of the Board of Directors
    CEO, EHL Group
  • Dr. Juan F. Perellon, Member of the Board.
    Chief Academic Officer, EHL Group
  • Tony Morales, Member of the Board.
    Chief Financial Officer, EHL Group
  • Andreas Züllig, Member of the Board. 
    President Swiss Hotel Association (SHA); Owner Hotel Schweizerhof, Lenzerheide
  • Dr. iur. Jürg Domenig, Member of the Board.
    Lawyer, Chur-Passugg
  • Markus Brocker, Delegate of the Board.
    Partner Euro Treuhand & Consulting (ETC), St. Gallen

SSTH Passugg Managing Director

Michael Hartmann is Managing Director


Michael Hartmann

Ecole hotelière de Lausanne PTE Ltd (Singapore)

Board of Directors

  • Prof. Michel Rochat
  • Dr. Juan-Francisco Perellon Turegano
  • Mr. Olivier Louis André Roux
  • Mr. Joshua Gan Boon Hun

EHL Campus (Singapore) Managing Director

Jenny Ang is Managing Director


Jenny Ang

EHL Advisory Services SA

Board of Directors

  • Prof. Michel Rochat, President of the Board
  • Jörg Arnold, Member of the Board
  • Marcus Bernhardt, Member of the Board
  • Christian Simm, Member of the Board 

EHL Advisory Services Managing Director

Olivier Roux is Senior Managing Director

Olivier Roux

EHL Real Estate Services SA

EHL Real Estate Managing Director

Maxime Medina is Managing Director


Maxime Medina

EHL Hospitality Services SA

EHL Hospitality Services Managing Director

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