Solutions for Learning Centers

EHL helps investors, such as governments, foundations and universities, to develop successful learning centers around the globe.

The EHL Education Experts' team offers a comprehensive and proven development approach, plus long-term support to ensure the academic quality and financial sustainability of existing institutions and new ventures.


Hospitality Learning Center Development & Consulting

For institutions, governments & investors, we offer tailor-made solutions to develop new institutions and programs, or improve existing ones, with a focus on academic excellence, faculty knowledge, operational excellence and financial sustainability.


Swiss Vocational Education & Training (VET) Programs

For institutions and governments, in tourism-developing regions, we offer ready-to-deliver programs to train qualified professionals for the hospitality industry. We prepare and support institutions to deliver Vocation Education Training programs, and we deliver the diplomas with Swiss federal recognition.


EHL School Certification

For hospitality schools seeking a quality label and support, we offer a certification process with levels of membership benefits and staged implementation of academic and business quality processes, plus ongoing training & support.


EHL Group offers access to a vast pool of resources and expertise.

We help build successful hospitality institutions and programs around the world.

Our Approach

Quality hospitality education is essential to feed the rapid growth in the global tourism and hospitality industry.  We take a future-focused approach to prepare institutions for success based on the following principles:

  • Sustainable Solutions: For long-term social and economic benefits 
  • Education as an Investment: Financially sustainable operations and growth
  • Added Value: Insights & support from our team of subject experts
  • Tailored Fit: Programs designed to meet national and regional needs
  • Need Based: Training and education for all levels, vocational to management
  • Recognition: Developing brand equity through membership and certification options

Our Solutions for Education

For new and existing learning centers around the world looking to enhance their academic quality and business performance, we provide solutions to:

  • Transform your education institution through strategic planning
  • Design, implement, and evaluate education programs
  • Develop your team's skills to reach greater levels of success
  • Ensure your institution's good governance and quality education
  • Leverage your resources for optimal academic performance

EHL Insights