With many challenges and disruptions affecting traditional education models, EHL Education Consulting is helping education leaders to build future-ready institutions, seize opportunities for growth, and stand out from the crowd. 

The phrase “business plan” isn’t used often when describing the launch or growth of an educational institution, but it should be. In today's rapidly changing educational landscape, it is crucial for learning centers to have a business approach and be aware of the many trends and realities that are shaping their growth. 

EHL Education Consulting experts focus on giving institutions a clear roadmap that navigates the current and future risks and trends in order to evolve in the right direction and achieve the milestones that will make the institution and its students thrive. 

Benefits of Working with the EHL Group


Industry Experience

125+ years of experience in navigating change and leading successful approaches to strategic development and transformation in education.


Innovation & Agility

Innovation Hub and 6 Research Institutes creating opportunities from disruptions and building resilience across industry lines

Learning Excellence

EHL’s Swiss education methods blend professional knowledge and expertise with soft skills, and empathy, earning it the best reputation for academic quality and graduate employability

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EHL Insights & Research for Education

EHL’s academic and industry experts are constantly researching and sharing insights and data that help industry partners understand the latest in education, employment, and business trends. 

We invite you to visit our resources page for access to case studies, tool kits, industry facts, and articles relating to a range of hot topics such as integrating AI into educational programs, flexible hybrid learning options, and the best ways to build essential soft skills and STEM competencies that future jobs will require.

Program & Curriculum Solutions by EHL Education Consulting Services


Academic Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

Or experts create tailored solutions for your institution, helping you to research, analyze, and evaluate your existing programs as well as design, implement, and evaluate new programs and curricula.


Ready-to-Deliver: VET Hospitality Program Licensing

The VET by EHL licensing model gives learning centers the opportunity to deliver plug-and-play hospitality programs and administer EHL-approved professional diplomas.

Did you know?

“Generation Z or “Zoomers” are most interested in alternative education programs focused on skills development – those integrating internships and apprenticeships – and career preparation, and STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, and math) are of particular interest to them.”
source : ECMC Group

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