Treat Your People to a 5-Star Hospitality Experience

The EHL campuses in Switzerland have the infrastructure and culinary resources to host a wide variety of events, and we welcome these opportunities to involve our students in planning and executing exemplary events.

Our teams of industry-awarded instructors mobilize the resources on campus and the creativity of our students to produce exceptional guest experiences. Offering your people the chance to experience EHL first hand is the perfect way to show your appreciation and refinement. 



Campus Lausanne

Located just above the city of Lausanne, in Switzerland, this campus has the capacity to cater for large events and it offers a wide variety of meeting spaces. It is easily accessible from the highway and by public transportation, has sufficient parking, and it is close to numerous hotels.

On site, visitors will be impressed by the bustling, dynamic feel and contemporary facilities and they will have the chance to taste some of Lausanne's finest cuisine and gourmet bakery products, produced by EHL students and staff. 


Campus Passugg

Located near Chur, in Switzerland's most popular alpine tourism region, this campus offers a cozy, retreat-style setting for small- to medium-sized events. It features a mix of traditional, historic architecture and contemporary flavors, brought to you by the school's specialty restaurants offering Asian cuisine and traditional meals from the region.

Visitors will adore the mountain scenery and fresh air, and the students' particular attention to guest experience and hospitality art forms, which is a unique feature of this campus.