At EHL, we offer a wide variety of services and resources to our network of industry partners in education and the hospitality industry. We welcome collaborative opportunities for companies and organizations to become actively engaged with the deep pool of talent that EHL has to offer through its existing students and faculty, as well as with its vast external network.

Leverage our Expertise

We offer the vast experience and expertise of our faculty to support your projects and talent development needs.  We organize collaborative activities to give you access to our students, faculty and industry specialists in a format adapted to your project:

  • Panel and Round-table discussions with faculty members
  • Company Workshops on industry themes
  • Class sessions or think tanks with students

EHL Alliance

EHL Alliance is a Global Business Network and a platform where leading academic and industry players can exchange resources, advice and support to implement the latest trends and innovation in today's global business.


EHL is an invaluable source of talent for your intern and employee positions. Our students, graduates and alumni bring both rigorous academic skills and professional experience to your organization. Explore our deeply experienced talent pool to find interns and candidates suitable for more experienced roles in your organization.

Career Fairs

Our career fairs give businesses an exclusive chance to recruit top talent from our pool of eager EHL students directly on campus.

With a variety of stands and booths available, this event allows representatives to showcase their organization and meet prospective hires for internships and graduate positions.

Access to expert Faculty

Tap into the vast experience and expertise of our faculty to support your projects and talent development needs. EHL faculty members are among the best in their respective fields, with PhDs from top universities, strong industry relations and experience, and they are regularly recognized with awards and honors from external institutions. We can organize panel and round-table discussions, workshops, class sessions or think tanks to give you access to faculty and industry specialists in your area of need.

Sponsored Research

Opportunities for sponsored research at EHL range from dedicated applied research projects by select faculty members, to sponsorship of a long-term research institute. For applied research projects, our faculty members conduct hospitality research in managerial disciplines, alone or in teams, to tackle issues that benefit the industry and contribute to education.  

Our sponsored research institutes assemble multi-disciplinary teams from the academic and industry sectors to deliver in-depth studies that provide valuable knowledge and recommendations for the development of your business. 

Executive Education & Talent Development

Retain the best talent and get even better results by investing in professional development with EHL. We offer custom made programs and executive education that will keep your managers and employees motivated, on-track and ahead of the game.

Student Consulting Projects

Our students are available to work with you on projects and business cases in a flexible, consulting-style arrangement. Based on your needs, these teams of students can provide your organization with innovative and applicable business solutions.

Event Sponsorship & Hosting

EHL campuses host hundreds of events each year, ranging from student-led events to conferences and industry competitions. Sponsoring an event at EHL raises your organizational profile among our diverse, global community of students, alumni, faculty and other industry partners.

We will be happy to host your private or company event on an EHL campus. Our industry-awarded practical arts professionals and students will take care of everything on the hospitality side and impress your guests with excellent food and beverages and an inspiring atmosphere. 


Innovation Resources

The EHL Innovation Village is dedicated to supporting the development of the hospitality industry by providing financial support and infrastructure to promising start-up companies and entrepreneurs.

The hub also helps established hospitality companies to develop innovative or disruptive projects, as well as pilot testing new ideas. 

Our Industry Partners

The following partners collaborate regularly with EHL on research and development, talent development, thought leadership and innovation projects. 

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