Ready-to-deliver hospitality training programs

Our Vocational Education & Training (VET) licensing program enables learning centers and organizations to implement ready-made Swiss hospitality training programs, thereby addressing two of the biggest challenges that tourism-developing nations face today: training qualified staff and contributing to long-term employment growth in service sectors.  


Swiss Recipe for Success

The Swiss federally-recognized Vocational Education and Training (VET) system is one of Switzerland’s most popular forms of education for young people. Its best-in-class programs use proven methods to ensure a high quality of training and employability for graduates.


A Balanced Approach

The VET programs use a balanced learning approach that combines hands-on courses with blended learning courses (academic & online) to develop operational skills for the industry, and transferable skills for future professional growth and life-long learning.


Ready to Go

Using a traditional Swiss model for vocational hospitality education, we package the courses so that institutions need only to deliver them using the complete curriculum, videos and presentations that are ready to use.

“By employing and training young people, Travel & Tourism contributes to peace, poverty reduction, inclusive & sustainable economic growth and develops relevant skills and knowledge for the future.”
- World Travel & Tourism Council

VET Professional Diplomas

Under our VET licensing model, to obtain the Professional Diploma (in  Kitchen, Service, Rooms or Hotel Administration) students must complete three certificates, requiring a total of 18 months of alternating courses and internships.

  • Foundation Certificate: 6 months (3 months of courses + 3 months internship)
  • Intermediate Certificate: 6 months (3 months of courses + 3 months internship)
  • Advanced Certificate: 6 months (3 months of courses + 3 months internship)

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