A message from EHL Task Force

Dear EHL Community,

Along with the rest of the world, we are watching the Russia-Ukraine conflict unfold with grave concern. As EHL is an international community of students, staff, faculty and alumni centered around hospitality and people, we are also taking action and reflecting on what we can do as a community to help. To follow up on the many requests from you, on how you can give back to those in need or share your initiatives, here are some coordinated actions already in place:
  • Some of our students are directly affected by this crisis and are facing difficulties accessing the necessary funds to finance their studies and everyday life as a student. EHL has put in place an emergency fund of CHF 50k that provides 0% interest loans to students in need. If you wish to support this initiative, please get in touch with the Finance Team.
  • Some Ukrainian students are already in the process of changing their visas (possibly to refugee status). The Service Center is currently advising students from Ukraine on the procedures to follow and can also advise you on any assistance that you may be able to provide.
  • In support of volunteer alumni initiatives in Lausanne, we are setting up a collection of first necessity items at the Lausanne Campus to allow you to donate to the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations in Geneva. The collection will take place from 7-18 March, from 7.30 to 6 pm in the bunker (N-1). We will specifically be collecting items from the list of main necessities, shared by the UN, that are needed to care for the victims of the conflict. If you wish to volunteer in this collection's logistics, please sign up via this doodle form.
  • For those who wish to support financially in other ways, we recommend donating to the following verified organizations:
    • UNHRC is working in Ukraine with the authorities, UN agencies, IDP community groups and other partners to provide humanitarian assistance wherever possible. You can support the organization by getting in touch with our Alaya Team.
    • The Association For The Polish Family is a UK based charity working with Eastern Europeans since 2007, and is currently providing food and essentials for families in Poland that were forced to flee their homes in Ukraine. You can support the organization by by getting in touch with our Alaya Team regarding donations.
    • The Swiss Chaîne du Bonheur has launched a dedicated fundraising for Ukraine.
    • And the Red Cross has shared an overview of their various actions in the region in the attached report (in French and English), as well as information for donations (p.8) to support their efforts.
  • And last but not least, the hospitality industry is organizing as well. Marketing agency Stay the Night, together with content creator Kash Bhattacharya from the BudgetTraveller, has launched the Hospitality for Ukraine campaign. This campaign allows hotels, hostels, hosts, and other accommodation providers to offer accommodation for refugees fleeing the crisis.
We will share the results of our joint efforts during the coming weeks, and keep you posted on any new initiatives as the situation evolves. Do not hesitate to share the various actions that you are involved with, which can be emailed to the Communication Team and will be added to a dedicated myEHL page so that others may join you. And a warm THANK YOU to all who have already come forward to volunteer your support!

Our hearts go out to all EHL students, staff and faculty, the AEHL community, and all loved ones directly impacted by this conflict; know that we are here to support you as best we can.

Finally, we would like to make an appeal for empathy and respect. Not all Russians, and therefore not Russia as a whole, are responsible for what is happening today.
So let us not speak of ‘actions of the Russians’ or ‘actions of Russia’, so as to not fall into the trap of generalization and polarization. At an institution such as ours, where respect for people is important regardless of their origin, this situation too requires our nuanced thinking and communication.

EHL Taskforce

A message from Michel Rochat - CEO, EHL Group

Dear EHL Community,

We are deeply shaken by the escalating violence related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and wish to extend our thoughts and support to everyone impacted by this situation.

We recognize that the developing situation may impact our students, staff and alumni in different ways and want to reinforce the fact that as an academic institution, it is our responsibility to stand by our core values of responsible leadership, respect and support to our various communities.

We are monitoring the situation closely and so far, no EHL students are present on internship in Ukraine, and a couple of students doing their internship in Russia have been contacted. All professional travel to the region has been halted. We invite any students, staff or faculty currently in the region to contact Student Affairs or Human Resources for support.

For students or staff who require assistance, you can count on the internal support services available and we invite you to contact your Campus teams for details:
EHL Campus Lausanne: +41 21 785 11 11
EHL Campus Passugg: +41 79 262 43 32 (24h availability)
EHL Campus (Singapore): +65 98 51 69 66

Alumni who wish to provide support to the victims of the conflict can reach out to the Alumni team.

The situation is developing rapidly and now is the time for us to come together and support everyone regardless of their background, nationality or faith.

With warm regards,
Michel Rochat
CEO, EHL Group