EHL Campus Passugg is the historical site of the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH), which offers traditional Swiss professional hospitality programs with a contemporary, immersive approach that prepares graduates to create amazing guest experiences. 

Founded in 1966, this school joined the EHL Group in 2013, and it offers the Professional Pathway to EHL’s Bachelor’s Degree in International Hospitality Management. It is located on a historical, resort-style campus in Passugg, near Chur, in Graubünden a famous luxury tourism region of Switzerland.


Teaching Hospitality as an Art

With an emphasis on current trends and developments, and using the principles of Affective Science, our students develop the soft skills to design and deliver exceptional guest experiences.


Swiss-quality education

EHL Campus Passugg programs offer practice-oriented management education with an emphasis on professional expertise to produce Swiss-quality hospitality professionals with extensive, real-world work experience.


Empowering Creativity

New ideas are welcome at EHL Campus Passugg, and the small classes and flexible F&B outlets encourage students to design concepts and test them in real life settings for immediate customer feedback.

EHL Awards and Rankings

Quality & Accreditations

The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality has successfully met the high quality standards of the following accreditation institutes:

  • Accredited through the Swiss federal government (SFBI) framework for HF programs
  • Classification as tertiary education level 6, tertiary B education according to the national and European qualifications frameworks
  • THE-ICE pre-accreditation quality label for tourism and hospitality education
  • Bologna system: Recognition of 90 ECTS
  • University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) has recognized the German and English HF degree program for an equivalent value of 90 ECTS points for entering the BSc in Hospitality Management of the EHL


Founded in 1966, the school has continually raised the standards of Swiss professional education for the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Notably being the first to offer programs for students with higher entry qualifications, as a forerunner of the current “Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management”, and it was among the first Swiss hotel schools to introduce English study programs for international students.



Set in a historical luxury hotel, the campus is a peaceful retreat equipped with topnotch facilities.

Graubünden is the home of Swiss traditions and tourism. With exclusive alpine destinations, it remains a top luxury hotel and spa region today.

Hospitality Management Courses

In today’s global hospitality industry, managers need to have hospitality know-how and a broader set of strategic business skills to reach upper-level positions.

To satisfy these requirements for companies and future hospitality professionals, we offer a wide array of hospitality management degrees for people with varying backgrounds and career aspirations.

EHL Campus Passugg offers the following vocational programs, hospitality degrees and courses.


Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management (Professional Pathway)

By following the Professional Pathway, students graduate with two recognized Swiss degrees in hospitality management.

After completing the HF Swiss Professional Degree, students can continue their studies to earn a Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management.

Swiss Professional Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management (HF)

HF students benefit from a combination of theoretical and practical learning with a strong customer focus that includes foundational industry experience.

This program focuses on fundamental hospitality management concepts combined with in-depth operational skills in Food & Beverages, and Hotel Management.

EHL Academy
(Pre-University Program)

During this exciting one- or two-week pre-university program designed for 16 to 18 year-olds, students get an introduction to the hospitality / hotel management industry through a mix of practical activities and theoretical courses. 

The program is conducted on EHL Campus Passugg and/or EHL Campus Lausanne.  An online version is also offered.


"Hotel-Kommunikationsfachmann/-frau EFZ (HoKo)" (Hotel Communications Specialists) is a new dual apprenticeship program delivered in German which replaces the GFG (Hotel and Gastronomy Specialists)

Nearly 40 new apprentices were recently welcomed into the program.