In June of 2019, EHL received the authorization of the Singaporean authorities regulating private education institutions to deliver its Bachelor course in Singapore. This authorization, called the EduTrust certification scheme, sets very high standards and is usually only granted after several years of operation in Singapore.



The Kinloss House History

EHL's Campus in Singapore is located at 3 Lady Hill Road in the Orchard Road area, in a mansion which was once known as the Kinloss House. The Kinloss House was built in 1903 as the private residence of a Scotsman, the Colonial Engineer Alexander Murray. He was a British army engineer who moved to Singapore from Calcutta.

The name Kinloss probably comes from the proximity of the Scottish village of Kinloss to Lady Hill Castle in Elgin. Little else is known of  the house's early years.


The Kinloss house became the residence of the Consul of Japan to Singapore, which it remained until sometime in the mid-1920s.


At the end of WWII, the British Military used Kinloss House as an officers’ dining hall before turning it into a boarding house.


The building is converted into a boarding house for the children of British officers, set up for 150 children, with dormitories and sporting facilities.


The Singaporean Police force install a junior officers’ dining hall, police welfare unit, Arms and Explosives Branch and co-operative retail store.


The French insurer, AXA, refurbished and renovated the building in 2009 for its AXA University Asia Pacific Campus.


The site becomes EHL's newest campus, EHL Campus (Singapore)

EHL’s History - 125 Years of Innovation & Excellence

Since EHL invented the concept of Hotel Management education in 1893, it has continually pioneered new programs and teaching methods to deliver the highest quality of education and contributed knowledge and resources to encourage innovation in the industry.